Member's information on reserving golf tee times

Golf Club Web Site and On-Line Tee Booking System

Mickleover Golf Club web site address is
You will need to register with the web site in order to be able to access the on-line tee
booking system, but tee bookings can still be made on the clubhouse touch-screen
terminal or by telephone to the Pro’s shop WITHOUT registering, or for those members
without a computer.
If you are currently registered with “howdidido” you can log in to the golf club web site using your email address and “howdidido” password.
Alternatively please register as a new user – instructions below.
Important – you will NOT be able to register as a new user unless the club has your email address recorded on the membership system at the club (a message shows “email address not recognised”). In this instance contact the Secretary with your email address as soon as
Members sharing a household will need to have different email addresses, otherwise only 1 registration is possible.
To register with the club web site click the “register” tab on the top right hand side of the home page (or just “log in if already registered). You will be asked ask for your email address to select a password, followed by confirmation of your address and membership category. You will then receive an email confirming registration and asking you to activate your account, which you must do before you can access the member’s section of the web site.
The on-line tee booking system can now be accessed by clicking the members’ booking tab below the calendar on the home page of the web site. Your user number is notified in red type at the top of the page (“you are currently logged in as xxxx”). 
To register, click the “register” tab and enter your user number and password (which must be the same as for the MGC website), complete the details requested and registration should be confirmed. You will be able to access the booking system once your registration has been authorised by the club.
There is a training video on the log-in page to assist with booking procedures.

Click “book a tee time” then access the casual booking or competitions page and proceed to book tee times from there. If using the clubhouse touch-screen terminal, logging in can be done using your “user number” or swiping your member’s card through the reader on the right of the screen.
This terminal will be available for use at all times during clubhouse opening hours.

Howdidido Web Site
If you wish to receive email results of competitions, track your handicap performance etc, you can register at using the same email address and password that you used to register with the MGC web site.

MGC On-Line Booking Procedures & Guidelines
For every tee booking which is made, for both casual and competition golf, an automatic email confirmation is sent out to each person in the group at that tee time. Emails are also
sent out when cancellations are made. Casual booking times will be available 14 days & 4 hours in advance (i.e. at 8pm the evening 14 days prior) and can be made either on-line, from the clubhouse touch-screen pc, which will be available at all times during clubhouse opening hours, or by telephoning the Pro.
Visitors can book tee times 7 days in advance.
Members can book 1, 2, 3 or 4 players (max). There is a facility to block out the other spaces in a tee time for those wishing to play in, for example, a 2-ball or 3-ball, by using the “reserved” tab.
The booking system is required for booking tee times between 8am-7pm weekdays (6pm weekends). Outside these times just turn up and play.
On-line competition booking will apply to Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed competitions. Junior competitions and social events will continue as previously with starting sheets posted on the notice boards. Please note that competition entry must be in the reserved competition slots - competition play outside these reservations is not permitted.
Men’s Competitions - Time sheets for Saturday competitions (& any the following week) will become “live” on the Thursday 10 days in advance at 7.30pm on the clubhouse touch-screen pc, and at 8pm “on-line”. For shotgun start and Saturday individual competitions only,
alternate tee times will be available for booking in the clubhouse – the remainder coming live at 8pm. The 7.30pm tee time release is called “R1”, and the 8pm release “R2”.
For all other competitions every tee time will be available from 7.30pm in the clubhouse.
Cancelling a tee booking for a competition can be done up to 8pm the evening before the competition. After this time you MUST telephone the Pro to cancel the booking.
There is a “waiting list” facility on the competition booking page, where you can select the time, or range of times you wish to play. If a space becomes available in that time range, names are moved into the space in waiting list order and an email confirmation is sent out confirming the tee time. Please be aware that for competitions with 2 release times (R1 & R2)
you need to put your name on BOTH waiting lists as they are 2 separate databases, but please be aware that if you are allocated a time, you will then need to remove your name from the other waiting list or you may end up with 2 different tee times!
Ladies Competitions – Time sheets will become “live” 3 weeks prior to the competition date.
For both Men’s and Ladies competitions members can book in 2 players only (4 players in
better-balls, team events etc.). An email confirmation is sent to all players who are booked in.

The System allows every booking transaction to be analysed, and also has the facility to exclude individuals from booking competition tee times. The Match & Handicap Committee reserves the right to use this exclusion facility against any member found abusing the System, or for failing to show up for their starting time without notification.
The clubhouse terminal will continue to be used to enter competition scores – the default screen offers the option of entering the score entry or accessing the tee booking system.

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